Our History

Homeschool Adventures was founded on June 13, 2004, by Vanessa Stephan, a homeschool mom who pursued a Masters of Education at the University of St. Thomas before devoting herself to educating her own family Vanessa saw a need for a single organization to act as both a conduit for homeschoolers organizing a variety of activities requiring larger or more diverse participation than the average small local homeschool cooperative and as clearinghouse of information regarding existing offerings and opportunities for homeschooling families

Vanessa was soon joined by a group of committed event organizers who have provided the local homeschooling community with opportunities such as tours of local post offices, bakeries, florists and a variety of other businesses, excursions such as a riverboat cruise or historic railway tour, naturalist guided nature center explorations, classes in bookmaking, photography, weaving and other arts, group discounts on performances, and much more.

In February, 2009, Vanessa recruited Nic Rosenau as co-moderator of the HSAdventures Yahoo Group. Nic is also a homeschool mom and Ph.D. candidate in the Philosophy at the University of Minnesota and founder of Preschool Adventures. Preschool Adventures focused on offering the same homeschooling opportunities to families with 3-to-6 year olds. 

In July, 2010, Ellen Crain, another homeschool mom and creator of HomeschoolRecess.com, volunteered to work with Nic and Vanessa to add valuable enhancements to the HSAdventures.org website, including our improved Events calendar, our homeschool groups page and more.