Frequently Asked Questions - Participating in Events

Follow the instructions in the HSA Event Notice as organizers use a variety of methods to accept registrations. The most common methods are explained below.

Please read the HSA Event Notice in its entirety if you plan to attend, as missing an important detail or deadline date can cause problems for both you and the organizer.

When you register for an HSA Event, you may expect to receive an email from the organizer with confirmation and/or payment instructions. (If the organizer is using HomeschoolRecess for registrations, this email will be sent immediately upon registration and will come from admin(at)

Provide all information requested by the organizer, follow the registration instructions, and reimburse the organizer promptly, or the organizer may have to cancel your registration.

Registration Methods Commonly Used
  1. Yahoo Database registration
    Go to the database section of the HSAdventures Yahoo Group and click on the link to the HSA Event you wish to attend. Click “Add Record” (in the upper right) and fill in all information requested. Click the “Add Record” button, and you’re set.
    If you are unable to add a new record, most likely the database has been closed because the event is full or the registration period has ended. You may wish to contact the organizer about wait lists in case of cancellations.
    In some cases, you must
    email your registration to the organizer who then enters your information into the database for you. Check the HSA Event Notice to see if this is the case.
    Because Yahoo databases do not close automatically when an event fills up and because organizers cannot monitor databases 24 hours a day, we may want to check with the organizer about space availability or check the number of existing registrants against the number of total spaces available to be sure there is room for all members of your family.
    You'll need to be a member of the
    HSAdventures Yahoo Group to see the database section.
  2. Facebook Event RSVP
    Organizers may choose to use a Facebook Event in the Facebook HSAdventures Group to collect RSVPs or they may use it to share information about the event but direct participants to another registration method for official registration — so read the event information carefully and follow the organizer's instructions.
    Organizers can't close RSVPs for a Facebook Event, so pay attention to registration deadlines in the description.
    You'll need to be a member of the
    Facebook HSAdventures Group to see the group's Facebook Events.
  3. registration
    To register via HomeschoolRecess, you’ll need a HomeschoolRecess User ID. You’ll find more information about how to do so in the Help file.
    To register for a HSAdventures Field Trip on HomeschoolRecess, just fill out the registration form at the end of the field trips's webpage. Your registration information will be visible only to you and the organizer, so please be complete.
    You will receive an email from admin(at) with confirmation and/or payment instructions, so please be sure your email spam filters will recognize as legitimate. This email is sent immediately upon registration.
    If the registration deadline date has passed or the maximum number of participants have already registered, you will see the message “Signups closed for this Field Trip.”
    Unless the
    organizer had made the field trip “Public,” you’ll also need to be a member of the HSAdventures Group on HomeschoolRecess to see the group's field trips. You'll find information on how to do so in the Help file.
  4. Email registration
    Some organizers will ask you to email them your registration information. If they provide a “text form” for you to complete, please copy, paste and use it.
    1. Using the provided format makes it much easier for organizers to copy and paste your information into their spreadsheets at home.
    2. It is simply too easy to forget to include a piece of important information when composing a free form registration request.
  5. Google Forms
    Some organizers may set set a registration form using a Google Docs spreadsheet. As with the other registration methods, please provide all the information requested.
    If you want to be able to view or edit your registration later, you'll want to have and be signed into a
    Google Account before you complete the form.

Whatever method used by a volunteer organizer, please endeavor to make organizing easier by reading all information provided, keeping an eye out for messages from the organizer about the event, and sending your payment promptly.

When you register to attend a HSA Event it is expected that you will show up, you will be on time, and you will fully and promptly reimburse the organizer for the cost of your family’s participation.

Before registering…

  • check your family’s calendar to be sure you are free to attend
  • know the total cost and whether or not you can afford it
  • understand the time commitment, including driving distance 
  • be aware of any and all requirements or restrictions (target ages, skill or knowledge prerequisites, sibling policy, required supplies, stroller restrictions, etc.)
  • personally commit to attending barring illness or unexpected emergency

The expectation is that you will have read the complete event notice and that you will read any email communications from the organizers and will respect all parameters for the trip including all rules set by the organizer or venue.

Once you’ve registered for a HSA Event…

  • mark your family’s calendar with the event’s name, time and organizer
  • check your email for payment and/or confirmation instructions from the organizer

Many organizers will send an email reminder shortly before the event. If you do not receive an email reminder, be sure sure to visit the Event folder and review the information on your field trip:

  • record the organizer’s contact information (phone number and email)
  • make a note of the check-in time and the group’s gathering place
  • print or otherwise prepare your map and/or driving directions to the location
  • make a note of any parking information including cost and location

If the phone number for the location is given, write that down too, but be aware that location phone numbers are provided for your convenience should you become lost or need other last minute assistance. All other communication with the location should go through the organizer unless the organizer specifically directs you to contact the location. This includes requests for additional information, for special accommodations, and for additional seats/places.

If you are running late or need to cancel, please contact the organizer, not the location as they are unlikely that they will be able to pass the information on to the organizer!

Please plan to be early to avoid being late due to inadequate maps, confusing road signs, road construction, heavy traffic, inclement weather, parking difficulties, or uncooperative children.

Tardiness affects the entire group. Many locations require the entire group be present before starting a tour or seating a group. Arriving after an event is in process is distracting to others in attendance and the event’s guide.

If you are unavoidably late, please contact the organizer with your expected time of arrival. Do not call the location as it is unlikely that they will be able to pass the information on to the organizer. If you reach the organizer’s voice mail, please give the name of the registered adult, your estimated time of arrival and the number of participating children in your family, unless the organizer has directed you to provide different or additional information.

Organizers appreciate being able to say and our hosts appreciate hearing, “X of Y participants have arrived, and Z are on their way and will be here in W minutes.” Neither appreciate being left in the dark as to your status, and organizers dislike being forced to say, “X of Y participants have arrived, and I haven’t a clue what’s up with the other Z participants.”

Please do your best to minimize the disruption to the activities when you arrive.

The Event Notice will contain information about canceling, including a cancellation deadline and contact information.

It is not okay to just not show up! Being a “No Show” reflects poorly on the Homeschool Adventures cooperative and on homeschoolers in general.

We all understand that children get sick and emergencies happen, but you must let the organizer know if you will be unable to attend. In those rare cases when an emergency is so dire that you are not able to contact the organizer before the event, please do so as soon as you are able. Most organizers prefer phone calls on the day of the event, but some will specify that an email is preferred or that you may use either email or phone. Please leave a message if the organizer is unable to answer the phone, as may be the case as the organizer is likely busy preparing for the event.

Do not under any circumstances contact the location to cancel your registration unless the organizer has very specifically instructed you to do so.

In most cases you will not receive a refund if you cancel after the cancellation deadline. Many locations have a minimum fee requirements and/or require the organizer to pay in advance. All locations will have set aside the staff and supplies for the registered number of participants. Check the event notice for refund information and contact the organizer for additional information if needed.

Many organizers will maintain Waiting Lists and so will want to handle finding a replacement for your family if you do need to cancel. In other cases, it is your responsibility to find your replacement. If that is the case, you should endeavor to do so even if your cancellation seems “last minute” to you, as is often the case with sick children. Many events are quite popular with limited space available and many families eager to have a chance to attend. Our members live all over the metropolitan area, so what is a long drive for you may be right next door for someone else. At a minimum, you should post the opening via the Yahoo Group. If you are able to transfer your registration, please let the organizer know.

Be aware that registration cancellations create extra work and may have financial consequences for our volunteer organizers. Organizers may need to reopen closed events, shuffle about pre-arranged sub-groupings, make new arrangements with the location, and/or pay a financial penalty for the change in attendance numbers. It also takes time to calculate, write and send payment instructions or registration confirmations and to maintain an accurate registration database. When you register for a Homeschool Adventure, your volunteer organizer invests precious personal time in your family. Respect that by honoring the commitment your registration represents.

While you do not need to divulge personal details when you cancel, most organizers appreciated being given a general reason for your cancellation such as “due to illness” or “due to a family emergency.”

Your responsibilities remain the same for Homeschool Adventures for which there is no charge. You many not need to reimburse the organizer but before you register for a free event, you must still personally commit to attending barring illness or unexpected emergency.

Free events represent both an investment in precious personal time by your volunteer organizer and an investment in staffing and resources by the hosting location. The best way you can show your appreciation for that investment is by honoring your commitments to show up and to be on time.

First determine how the organizer accepted registrations by consulting the event announcement. You can find the event announcement in the Yahoo Group's Message Archive or one of our volunteers should have linked to in our online Calendar.

  1. If registrations are being taken via HomeschoolRecess
    1. Visit the HomeschoolRecess homepage and login.
      — OR —
    2. Visit the registration page for the particular field trip, login and check the bottom of the registration form. If you are registered, you'll see your "Your signup information," listed there, including your current registration status. Contact organizer to request changes."
  2. If registrations are being taken via a Yahoo Group Database, visit the Yahoo Group’s Database section and check the appropriate Table for your name. Tables can run to two or more pages, so be sure to check the entire Table!
  3. If registrations are being taken via email, check your Sent Mail folder for an email from you to the organizer and your Inbox and your Junk or Spam folder for any replies from the organizer to you.
  4. If none of the above answers your question, contact the organizer by email or phone to ask. Because the organizer is busy organizing the event, please do try one of the above methods first.

Parents attend HSA Events as parents, educators and chaperones and are expected to be attentive to all three roles. As such, parents are expected to be aware of their children and respond to any behavior that disrupts the gathering.