Getting started with HSA event organizing

Basic Event Organizing

Find an ideaContact the siteChoose a registration methodAnnounce your event
Track registrations and paymentsMake group payment | Send an event reminder
Advanced event organizing

Any member of HSAdventures can organize an HSA Event - there are no prerequisites, requirements, or permissions needed to get started — just plenty of support!

1. First, you need an idea. If you've already got one, skip to Step 2. If you don't, you can find lots of great ideas in our Field Trip Ideas section.

2. In most cases, you'll need to contact the site or location via phone or email to set up your event.

Basic Information Needed From Site Contact

Date of event:
Start Time:
End Time:

Cost per child:
Cost per adult:

Target age range/grade level:
May younger siblings attend?
Free for children under ___ years of age

*Site needs full payment for all participants by:
*Site will not accept changes to registration numbers
or issue payment refunds after:

*Note: Set a payment deadline for a day or two before the day you need to pay the site for everyone. Homeschool Adventures recommends that you cancel the registration of anyone who fails to pay by the payment deadline. See Payments for more information about ensuring you are fully reimbursed by everyone.

3. Decide how you'll accept registrations. The easiest method to set up is to accept all registrations via email. That method is included in the Event Notice template below. Other common methods are a Database on our Yahoo Group or a Field Trip on HomeschoolRecess.com. Please feel free to ask Vanessa or Nic for assistance. (Ellen of HomeschoolRecess.com can also assist you if you wish to set up a Field Trip there.)

4. Write up your event notice and email it to the group at hsadventures@yahoogroups.com.

We suggest you begin the subject line with "HSA EVENT: ..." to distinguish your Homeschool Adventure event from all the homeschool class announcements (and other non-HSA events) that are also announced on the HSAdventures Yahoo Group.

You may use the template below for your email announcement, but feel free to delete fields, add fields and rearrange information to suit your needs! (Be aware that the Homeschool Adventures Yahoo Group doesn't support file attachments, Rich Text or HTML formatting.)

Event Notice

Name of Event:
Location Name:
Location Address:

Date of Event:
Time of Event:

Description of Event:

Cost per child/student: $
Cost per adult/educator: $
Free for under __ years of age.

Target age range:
Can younger siblings attend?

To register, send an email with the following information
Email Address:
Number of Children:
Number of Adults:
Number of Siblings Under __:

Registration Deadline:
Payment Deadline:
Cancellation Deadline:

Organizer Name:
Organizer Email:
Organizer Phone:

Please make your check payable to YOUR NAME and mail it to YOUR ADDRESS.

Cancellation Info: If your circumstances change and you find that are unable to attend, please let the organizer know as soon as possible. No refunds will be issued after the cancellation deadline. If you find that you are unable to attend on the day of the event, please let the organizer know as soon as possible.

Additional Event Information: (if any)

5. Track registrations and payments received in whatever manner works best for you: paper and pencil, text file, Excel worksheet, Word table, Yahoo Group Database, HomeschoolRecess Field Trip, etc. You'll find advice on different methods for doing this in the Advanced Organizing section

6. Contact the site by their deadline date with final numbers and make your payment to them. Again, Homeschool Adventures strongly recommends that you cancel the registration of anyone who failed to pay by the payment deadline.

7. Optional but quite helpful: Send your paid registered participants an event reminder three to seven days before the event. The easiest way to do this is to forward your Event Notice adding a note to the effect of, “You registered for this event that is happening this week.”

You'll find more advice on event reminders in the Advanced Organizing section.