Homestead Orchard

1080 County Road 92 N
Maple Plain, MN

When you take a class trip to Homestead Orchard be it spring, summer or fall we have a few tips that might be helpful in making the trip more interesting and will stretch the value of the time that you spend "in the field". Prepare your class and yourself for inclement weather and field conditions. Our orchard might have some cool breezes and wet morning grasses. Don't forget bee kits if you have students who are allergic.

We have eight large picnic tables for those who plan to eat lunch or have snacks.

Develop various interest and educational points you'll want to cover with your group about the harvest, handling, packing, cider-making, selling, picking, and storing processes.

Plan pre-visit classroom activities and discussions to stimulate curiosity and to help the children develop questions that they can research at the orchard. In order to help the children think of the questions, give them categories and record their ideas under the separate headings. Example; jobs,people, machines, trees, seasons, or who, what, when, where, and why.

Please make your visit as interactive as possible. For instance, each child could have his/her own tablet or clipboard, or they could work in pairs or small groups. If the children need help recording information, a chaperone can help them.

NEW at the ORCHARD this SPRING!! A llama, alpaca and baby ponies. APPLE BLOSSOM FIELD TRIPS!! See the "Tree Climbing Goats", and explore the "Straw Bale Maze"!! Please help us to  be better hosts to your group. If there are any suggestions for improvement or whatever, don't hesitate to tell us.

Information subject to change. Please check with Homestead Orchard for the most current information. Last updated on Sun, Sep 18, 2011.